Ranger FAQ

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Rangers is a... ranged DPS class with crowd-control means.

When you start at level 10 in Sanctum, you do not have much class-specific skills, but it'll be better in time. Particularly, you receive your first chain skill (Arrow Strike) at level 16 and Stunning Shot at level 19.

Ranger stats is a Physical Crit, Physical Attack, Accuracy. Evasion to much lesser extent.

You need arrows to use bow and class skills. You can purchase them in General Stores:

SanctumX 1500, Y 1400Straight from Hall of Prosperity, second tent to the right.
Verteron Citadel

Arrows spending rate is about 1500 per hour.

Learn to kite! You can't withstand any serious treatment, so go ahead of your opponent. Closed areas, like halls, wall edges and rocky plains is a no-no for you. Find relatively open area with aggro mobs well spread out and have a good time of the day!

[AionClient 1.9.915.1723] AutoShoot is not working well right now. Consider using macro like /Attack /Skill ...smth... or, alternatively, /Attack /Quickbar <Set> <Row> <Num> which will allow you to use in-bar chain skill.

Professions choice, if you want to gear yourself, must be Handicrafting (weapons) and Sewing (armor).

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